World Moscato Day: The Best Ways to Enjoy Moscato Wine

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Celebrate World Moscato Day May 9th with a cool glass of this refreshing wine! We have the best ways to enjoy Moscato wine, not only today, but for Mother’s Day, and the rest of the summer.


The month of May brings warmer temperatures, outdoor parties, patio weather, but most importantly: the perfect time to sit back and relax with a cool glass of wine. There is nothing quite like sitting on your patio under the shade enjoying the beautiful scene of your backyard or gathering with family and friends on a nice afternoon.


Moscato Tradition

How about some quick Moscato history for World Moscato Day May 9th? In northern Italy, where the wine comes from, Moscato is traditionally served with dessert, precisely “pasticceria secca” or dry pastries. You can translate this to cookies or pastries that do not include jelly, custard, cream, etc.


Because it is naturally sweet, Moscato is one of the only Italian wines that pair well with dessert. But across the world today, we see Moscato paired with an expansion of foods including international cuisines, savory dishes, and fresh fruit—also a notoriously difficult food to pair wine with! So, there’s a pairing to suit everybody’s fancy!


Out of all Types of Wine, why is Moscato So Popular?


Sweet Low-Alcohol Cocktails


Nothing brings a group of friends together like a bottle of wine. But not just any wine will do! We recommend Moscato, a very popular and well-known wine, for several reasons. Besides having its own holiday, it has a sweet taste, pairs well with various foods, and is very refreshing on a hot summer day.


In addition, people who are newer to wines typically enjoy Moscato while they may not like other wines. So, if you’re throwing a summer party, you can count on Moscato for your drink selection, as almost everyone enjoys it!

Discover a few facts about this favorite wine on World Moscato Day:


What Does Moscato Pair With?

Moscato’s harmonious combination of crispness and fruitiness makes it a perfect choice for spicy dishes, sushi, sashimi or fruit-based desserts.


Is Moscato a Dessert Wine?

Moscato is most definitely a dessert wine! The sweet semi-sparkling beverage goes great with pastries, cakes, fruit salads, ice cream and other sweet treats.


How is Moscato Best Served?

Moscato is best served after the bottle has been immersed in an ice-bucket for about half an hour. The wine is usually consumed in clear, transparent crystal flutes.


The Three Best Ways to Enjoy Moscato Wine on World Moscato Day, Mother’s Day, and throughout Summer

World Moscato Day is May 9th and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Make sure you celebrate Mom the way she deserves! Whether you’re planning a large party or a small gathering there are three key ways to enjoy Moscato wine. Try:


  • Moscato with Juice/Sprite
  • Moscato with Cheese/Fruit
  • Moscato with Dessert


Moscato with Juice/Sprite

Moscato tastes great on its own, but sometimes it tastes even better when mixed with juice or Sprite. The semi-sparkling wine pairs well with fruity tastes, while adding Sprite enhances the bubbly sensation. Mixing Moscato with juice and or Sprite will create a larger amount of beverage, so you have enough to share with everyone at the party! Our favorite types of fruit and juice to mix with Moscato are strawberry, peach, and berry, but any fruit or juice choice will work!


If you’re looking for cute cocktail recipes for Mother’s Day, a bridal shower, birthday party, or other celebration, try our Moscato Sweety Cocktail.


Moscato with Cheese/Fruit

Heavy meals in the summer are a no-go for gatherings and get-togethers. Instead, choose a cheese or fruit tray. Light hors d’oeuvres or what the Italian call aperitivos make the perfect snack alongside wine. Put together a tasty wine tray with your favorite cheeses, crackers, fruits, veggies, and spreads to savor the taste of Moscato. Your friends and family will enjoy the beautiful array of color and food to choose from. If you’re feeling real adventurous, you can even create Wine-Infused Popsicles for dessert!


Moscato with Dessert

After a long hot day, sometimes you just need something sweet! Nothing tastes better than Italian sweet wine and dessert, and there is no better wine to pair with dessert than Moscato. Get a group of friends together to spend the evening catching up while savoring delicious pastries and cakes. Top your dessert with fresh strawberries or peaches to really bring out the flavor in the Moscato wine! If you are throwing a party, try serving mini-cupcakes paired with small flutes of Moscato. Lemon or strawberry flavored would be perfect and adding a berry on the glass would be the sugar on top! (Literally).



Dessert and wine – what more could someone ask for?


The month of May brings not only celebratory-holidays like World Moscato Day and Mother’s Day, but beautiful weather so you can enjoy a glass of wine ANY day you wish. Whether you prefer your Moscato in a cocktail, with a cheese or fruit tray, or with dessert, we have everything you need.


Candoni Moscato

Made from the highly aromatic Moscato Bianco grape, Candoni Moscato abounds with fresh fruit aromas and flavors, mostly stone and tropical fruit. Aromas and sweetness come directly from the grape and specific characteristics of the vineyards, what you sip is all natural!



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