Cheers with a powerful impact: the Candoni Elviana collection celebrates women and helps a cause close to our Hearts.

Sweet Low-Alcohol Cocktails

We can tell you that being women in the wine industry has never been so inspiring and exciting! Every day we get to see more female sommeliers, CEOs and wine-makers bring their passion and innovative ideas to this environment. To celebrate women, we created the Elviana collection, inspired by our mother’s name and enthusiasm for life, creativity, and wine-making.
The collection features two of our mother’s favorites: our fruity Elviana Rosè  and our well-rounded Elviana Red Blend.

The Elviana collection wants to celebrate the beauty of being a woman in everyday life. We picture our Elviana wine lovers as curious, fond of arts, independent, and risk-takers but at the same time caring and friendly, ready to be there if someone needs their support. We imagine them sipping a glass of Rosè or prepare a rosè cocktail with friends. After a long day spent juggling between work, and responsibilities, we picture them savoring a glass Elviana Red blend while cooking something with their family or significant other.
And we all know that with the fall season coming, there’s nothing better than reading a book or watching your favorite show wrapped in a blanket with a glass of your go-to Elviana wine (as long as it’s just one glass!)

As we’ve been doing for several years now, we are very proud to continue our partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which is doing a great job to further the cause and provide much-needed resources to women including education, free mammograms, and patient assistance. This year, we’ll be making a sizeable donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every bottle of Elviana wine sold during the month of October 2018. We feel that the National Breast Cancer Awareness campaign resonates perfectly with our family and instantly connects with the values of the Elviana collection.

We invite you to cheer with us and with all women in your life!

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