Ricco Dolce

  • Harvest and Vinification Notes

    Ricco Dolce is a Sweet Red, made from selected red grapes grown in the Northwestern Italy. It is full of flavor, yet soft and deliciously sweet. In order to create its richness, the stemmed grapes are placed in stainless steel tanks, where they are macerated in the skins at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which extracts the delicate aromas and rich color. The grape must is then separated and then stored at 32 degrees Fahrenheit until bottling. Just prior to bottling, the must is allowed to warm, which naturally starts. Once the desired alcohol and pressure level is reached, fermentation is halted, it is filtered and bottled. The result is a deliciously smooth and elegant sweet drink.  View all Ricco Wines.

  • Tasting Notes

    Ricco Dolce, meaning “rich” and “sweet,” with fresh red berry flavors, offers a seductively fruity finish with balanced acidity. Enjoy a creamy mouthfeel with fresh flavors of cherry and strawberry.

    • Finished Product

      • Varietal content:  red grapes
      • Alcohol level: 6,5% by volume
      • Content: 750 ml / 12 units in a case
    • Food Pairings

      It pairs well on its own or with desserts such as cheesecake, crème brulée, fruits tarts, fruit salad and chocolate. Ricco Dolce is also the perfect sweet red wine to prepare a tasty Sangria.


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