Carletto Keg Rosè

Italian Rosè Wine

  • Tasting Notes

    It has bright, vivid, cherry like highlights. The perfume is delicate and fragrant, fruity with scents of rose, raspberry and cherry with light bubbles.

  • Finished Wine

    • •Region: Veneto
    • •Alcohol level: 12% by volume
    • • Content: 20L/5.28 US Gallon
  • Technical details

    • •The keg is fully disposable
    • •The keg is made by PET and is 100% recyclable
    • •No deposit / No return
    • •The keg holds the equivalent of 27 bottles (750 ml) or 135 5oz glasses
    • •Bag-in-Ball principle: two compartment system to better preserve the wine
  • Increased revenue

    • •No Wine Loss
    • •More wine to sell
    • •No deposit / No return
    • •Perfect for BTG or to prepare white wine cocktails such as Italian Spritz!
    • • Dollars saved from not recycling bottles

carletto keg rose