Organic Pinot Grigio

White Wine, straw yellow

  • Tasting Notes

    Smooth, soft and harmonious, with balanced acidity. This wine has nice body and great flavor. Aromas are fruity with notes of toasted almonds, dried hay and walnut.

  • Finished Wine

    • Varietal content:100% Organic Pinot Grigio
    • Region: Sicily
    • Appellation: Terre Siciliane I.G.P.
    • Alcohol level: 12.5% by volume
    • Content: 750 ml / 12 units in a case
  • Vineyard & Winemaking Notes

    Classic White Wine Fermentation. Fermentation takes place in controlled temperature stainless steel tanks. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine remains for an appropriate period in contact with the yeasts to maintain the best perfumes. This also allows us to protect the wine from oxigenation without using chemical additives. To respect Vegan vinifcation we don’t use any byproduct of animals to clarify and to stabilize the wine.

  • Best with

    Ideal as an aperitif. Excellent with all the main courses of a meal, veggie wraps, vegetable soups, bright salads, pasta with cream sauce and with vegan sushi.

  • How to Serve

    Pour into ample but not oversized goblets at a temperature of around 46.4° F- 50° F.

  • Conservation

    This wine should be stored in a dark, cool, damp cellar and served young for the greatest appreciation of its fragrance and taste.

Candoni Pinot Grigio New Organic



Sicily is Italy's southernmost region, and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. For more than 2500 years Sicily (Sicilia in Italian) has been a significant center of Mediterranean viniculture. Blessed with consistently bright sunshine and reliably moderate rainfall, Sicily's classic Mediterranean climate is ideally suited to the production of excellent wine grapes. The magic is in the fertile soil and Sicily's long, cloudless summers – with humidity but virtually no rain from June until harvesting in late August – two factors which make Sicilian vintages remarkably consistent from year to year.