Buongiorno Organic

Red Blend
Buongiorno [Bun-joor-no] is the Italian way to say “Have a good day!”

  • Finished Wine

    • • Varietal content:66% Primitivo 34% Syrah Organically Grown grapes
    • • Region: Apulia
    • • Appellation: I.G.P.
    • • Alcohol level: 13% by volume
    • • Content: 750 ml / 12 units in a case
  • Vineyard & Winemaking Notes

    Made from Organically Grown Primitivo and Syrah grapes grown in the Apulia Region in the south of Italy where wine has been produced for many centuries. Our grapes are cultivated according to the method of Organic Agriculture, which is free of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and all other synthetic chemical substances. Candoni Organic Wines are all certified organically grown by the Italian government verification organization “Suolo e Salute”.
    Various attributes of the south of Italy, including the diversity of land, its terrains, exposures as well as its Mediterranean climate, allow us to craft a rich red blend wine of excellent quality and taste.
    This wine is good for the planet and the drinker!

  • Best with

    Its round character makes it a great accompaniment to just about any meal.

  • How to Serve

    Serve at 64.4° F in clear, transparent crystal glasses.

  • Conservation

    The bottle should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark wine-cellar.

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The Apulia region lies on “the heel” of the Italian boot. It enjoys a warm, dry climate, with the beautiful coastlines of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas lining more than half of the region’s borders. This aspect makes Apulia one of the most fertile regions. Primitivo and Syrah grapes benefit from the climate, imbuing our Buongiorno Organic Red Blend with beautiful aromas that will make you dream of the charming southern countryside.
The Mediterranean climate, ideal terrain, expertise of our excellent winemakers and, of course, the perfectly ripened grapes, all combine to make Candoni wines taste unmistakably Italian.