Pinot Grigio

White Wine

  • Tasting Notes

    Crisp, well-structured and sophisticated. It has a rich, pear-like nose, which is followed by crisp acidity, a medium body and a delicious mouth feel.

  • Finished Wine

    • •Varietal content:100% Pinot Grigio
    • •Region: Veneto
    • •Appellation: D.O.C. delle Venezie
    • •Alcohol level: 13% by volume
    • •Content: 750 mL / 12 units in a case,
      1.5 L / 6 units in a case
  • Vineyard & Winemaking Notes

    The D.O.C. Appellation (Denomination of Controlled Origin) is a guarantee that Candoni Pinot Grigio is produced with only the best grapes cultivated in the Veneto Region of northeast Italy. Our vineyard yield is very low, which is a result of our quest for quality over quantity. Our winemaking philosophy is to emphasize the grape’s pure varietal taste without the masking effects of oak.??The climate helps to maintain a balance between acidity and sugar levels and allows the grapes a long, slow growing season, making our Candoni Pinot Grigio of excellent quality.

  • Best with

    A delicious accompaniment to fish, seasonal pasta dishes, or chicken. It can also stand alone as an aperitif on a hot summer’s day.

  • How to Serve

    Pour into ample but not oversized goblets at a temperature of around 46.4° F- 50° F.

  • Conservation

    This wine should be served young for the greatest appreciation of its fragrance and taste, and stored in a dark, cool, damp cellar.

Candoni Pinot Grigio