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"I love Candoni Moscato. It’s not too sweet but full of flavors."
Vanessa Martinez - Texas
"Candoni Prosecco Brut is my go-to sparkling wine. It perfect for Mimosas!"
Alex Vilamaro - California
"When I first tasted the Organic Pinot Grigio I couldn’t believe it’s organic, vegan and gluten free! It just tastes delicious!"
Jessica Carino - Florida
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Candoni Painted Bottles

Elviana Painted Bottles

The Candoni painted bottles feature a unique piece of artwork, silk-screened directly onto the glass using a technique known as serigraphy. This form of art involves stenciling blocks of ceramic glaze colors onto the surface of the bottles through a woven mesh. The glazes build up to create the reproductions of artistic paintings, which are then subjected to heat treatments that render the colors indelible.

Elviana Painted Bottles
Elviana Painted Bottles