Valentine’s Day Wine Guide

Valentine's Day Wine Guide By Candoni | Rose, Prosecco, and Moscato


There are endless ways to say “I love you” and an equal number of wines to match the occasion. Whether you enjoy this Valentine’s Day with a fancy dinner reservation or a delicious home-cooked meal, there’s no doubt that a bottle of wine is the perfect complement for a romantic evening. After picking up a box a chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, an elegant bottle of wine should be next on your list.


Valentine’s Day Celebrations in Italy


Italian culture is certainly no stranger to the February holiday, as La Festa di San Valentino is also a popular celebration of love for couples across the country. Unlike in the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated exclusively by couples and lovers, not in elementary school classrooms or among friends.


According to centuries of Italian tradition, the first man that a woman sees on the morning of Valentine’s Day will be the man that she eventually falls in love with. While this superstitious lore is certainly something more along the lines of a fairy tale, February 14th (and the days leading up to it) are still a celebration of love and romance.


Music: Classic Italian love songs have an important place during Valentine’s Day. World-famous opera stars like Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Povoratti have a wealth of songs that celebrate the power of love. Other popular artists like Gino Paoli or Laura Pausini deliver some of the most listened-to music on the holiday. While these tunes are widely played throughout Italy, it’s not uncommon to find lovers around the entire world reveling in these artist’s romantic ballads.


Food: Like in the United States, taking your loved one to a classy ristorante is a near-standard custom. Italians do love their sweets though, so the romantic evening is never complete without a tasty dessert or morsel of chocolate. The most popular candy to share is a Baci Perugina, a chocolate-covered hazelnut candy wrapped in Italian love poems or romantic quotes – kind of like an Italian-style fortune cookie that’s meant to be enjoyed by couples.


Celebrating With A Bottle of Wine


From sparkling prosecco to sweet moscato, there is always an Italian wine that brings out the best in your Valentine’s Day. Because there’s such a wide variety to choose from, finding the perfect bottle for your spouse can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s exactly why our wine experts have handpicked the most popular selections for your enjoyment.


In the recommendations below, we have pieced together our most romantic wines, meant to be enjoyed by two and shared with that special someone. View our official picks for this year’s 2016 Valentine’s Day Wine Guide:


Elviana RosèElviana Rose Wine: Valentine's Day Wine: This semi-sparkling rosè just looks like the perfect Valentine’s Day wine. It’s subtle pink color and light, fruity tasting notes give it the perfect blend of celebratory and sweet. Served lightly chilled, this wine is perfect for salads, appetizers, or as a delicious aperitif. We highly recommend this bottle to anyone looking for a non-heavy, medium-bodied wine – it’s also the perfect in-between wine if your spouse loves red and you prefer white.




Prosecco BrutSparkling Prosecco: Valentine Wine Guide | Candoni De Zan Wines: This classic sparkling wine is meant to be a celebratory bottle. With a champagne-like texture and flavor, this wine has a crisp, bubbly flavor with a balanced and dry finish. If you are celebrating a special occasion besides just Valentine’s Day (like an anniversary), then this is the perfect option for popping open another bottle.





Elviana Red BlendElviana Red Blend: Valentine's Wine | Candoni De Zan : For a bolder flavor, our signature Elviana Red Blend is the perfect combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Merlot grapes. The luscious, full-bodied and slightly tannic taste is accompanied by a variety of intriguing secondary flavors like pomegranate, chocolate, and dried herbs. This is the bottle that’s perfectly paired with a grilled steak or rich cheese plate. For couples that plan to share a relaxing evening watching the sunset, this is the glass of wine we imagine enjoying.




Candoni Moscato: Valentine's Day Wine Guide 2016 | Candoni De Zan WinesCandoni Moscato: Looking for something sweeter? Ending the night with a glass of Moscato is the perfect way to reflect on a wonderful Valentine’s Day. From pastries to chocolate sweets, this bottle is a great addition to any dessert. With notes of fresh nectarine and honey, our renowned Moscato is easy to sip and even easier to fall in love with.






However you’re spending your Valentine’s Day, make sure that your loved one shares the excitement of the holiday and the feelings that come with it. Valentine’s Day is only one day of the year, so make sure that your loved one knows that “con te ogni giorno è San Valentino” (in English: “everyday with you is Valentine’s Day”).



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