THE PERFECT MATCH : Scallop Gratin and Candoni Pinot Grigio

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Scallop Gratin: an easy go-to dish for your happy hours by the sea!

Scallop gratin is a great and creative way to bring the Italian taste to your kitchen. Despite its French origin, this recipe has entered the Venetian cuisine, and is now a typical dish appreciated along Italy’s Adriatic coast.


It’s time for sea vibes and food!

Living in a coastal town has its perks especially when it comes to finding fresh fish and seafood! From early mornings, in the harbor, you can buy fresh fish from local fishing boats. Fishermen come directly from fishing in the Adriatic Sea and stay until they sell out the catch of the day. When we are lucky, we find scallops, which is one of our favorite food.


With their distinctive but balanced flavors, scallops are known and appreciated by everyone. But much of their success lies in the beauty and elegance of the shell that encloses them. In fact, legends has it that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, emerged from the sea of Cyprus inside the famous fan shell, thus making the Capasanta (the Italian word for “Scallop”) a symbol of love, passion, and femininity.


Try our Scallop Gratin, easy to prepare and beautiful to serve with a glass of Candoni Pinot Grigio.

Our scallop gratin is the perfect way to start a light and elegant dinner or for your happy hours by the sea. Needless to say, it’s the perfect entrée for a romantic meal! Wondering how to pair scallops with wine?
Scallops’ rich texture and delicate flavors require an equally-structured and balanced wine. With its rich and flavored taste, Candoni Pinot Grigio pairs perfectly with scallop recipes! Indeed, its crisp and refreshing acidity, allows the subtle and buttery flavors to come forward and helps to cleanse the palate for the next bite!

Let yourself be carried away by this unique mix of delicate flavors and aromas!
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