Our Favorite Comfort Foods (and Wines!) For Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from Candoni De Zan Family


Although our Italian roots run deep, our family actually lived in the United States for ten years! We truly enjoyed being invited to our friends’ homes to celebrate Thanksgiving and all of the things we are thankful for. The Candoni De Zan Family holds traditions dear to our heart, and after ten years of celebrating this holiday in the States, we fell in love with Thanksgiving and what it stands for! While our family has returned to Italy, you can rest assured we will still be enjoying a home cooked meal November 26th. We send all of our love to you and wish you a happy and healthy holiday with those you love most!


We know the holiday may look a little different this year for all of us. Do you celebrate with just your immediate family or make the trip to visit extended family? We encourage you to do whatever you feel is the best for your situation, of course obeying any laws or regulations your state puts into place!


Our hearts go out to those that will have missing seats at their table this year. Our family has been very blessed to remain healthy, and we wish the same for yours! In Italy, we always try to stay positive, no matter what. So this year, if you’re feeling a little low or are looking to brighten your holiday festivities, we have one piece of advice: don’t forget the wine!





Why Wine & Thanksgiving Just Go Together



While Thanksgiving often includes plenty of food, cute (but comfortable) clothes, friends and family, there’s one thing you’ll want to bring to the table this year: Wine. Wine is great for warming you up if it’s chilly outside. It will help lighten the mood and bring people together. It’s a friendly companion for conversation. And did we mention? It goes great with food!


So, Which Wine Should You Have at Your Thanksgiving Meal?


Looking for a new wine to try this Thanksgiving? We have suggestions for white wine lovers, red wine lovers, and those who love trying new things! If you can’t get the whole family together this year, try hosting a virtual wine tasting before or after your meals. This is a fun activity, especially if you can’t be together in person. Gather as many friends and family as you can online and share your favorite wines and cocktail recipes! See who can make the prettiest fall Sangria, peach Bellini, or a different sweet wine cocktails. The winner gets out of helping clean the kitchen! 


Our family has hosted virtual wine parties, and they are actually quite fun! It’s a great way to catch up (safely, of course) while sharing new cocktail recipes and wine ideas. View our family’s suggestions for Thanksgiving wines and food pairing ideas below:




White Wine for Thanksgiving


White Wine for thanksgiving


Whether you’re looking for a sweet white wine, a dry white wine, or even sparkling white wine, you can trust our family to have just what you need! Our Candoni Moscato is naturally sweet, semi-sparkling and one of our most popular white wines. Our Prosecco Brut is the perfect sparkling wine for all celebrations! 


However, there is one white wine that goes exceptionally well with food: Pinot Grigio. This crisp, well structured and sophisticated wine is produced with only the best grapes from the Veneto Region of northeast Italy. Pinot Grigio is delicious whether used in cooking or paired with pasta, chicken or fish – perfect for those who do not like turkey!


Candoni Thanksgiving Wines


Red Wine for Thanksgiving


One of our favorite Thanksgiving wines is Pinot Noir. The dry yet elegantly balanced red wine is fruity and light yet has an earthy palette. The wine pairs well with a wide variety of foods, especially turkey and our favorite, cranberry sauce! Pinot Noir is best served at room temperature, roughly 64-68°F so there is no need to chill beforehand. This saves more room in your fridge for food and makes the setup process easy!


Red Wine for Thanksgiving


If you’ve tried Pinot Noir before and are looking for a different red wine for Thanksgiving, you can try Merlot or other types of red wine, such as our award winning Polvaro Nero.


Italian Wine for Thanksgiving


Maybe you’d like to make your Thanksgiving holiday unique. The year has already been so crazy, so why not make the best of the situation? Try an Italian wine – one you’ve probably never heard of before. 


Our Candoni Chianti wine is a classic Italian that is hard to beat! Made with a very careful selection of Canaiolo and Sangiovese grapes, this red wine has a ruby-red purple color and a soft, earthy, dry finish with a fresh almond and ripe blackberry fragrance. 


Italian Wine for Thanksgiving


Our Candoni Chianti is a popular choice among our family in the fall and early winter. It pairs exceptionally well with all our favorite fall foods – hearty soups, red meats, and aged cheeses making it a great choice for your Thanksgiving wine.



Looking for a Thanksgiving Cocktail?


If you’d like to go above and beyond this Thanksgiving, try serving a Thanksgiving cocktail instead! Our family’s Very Thankful Punch combines Moscato wine, fruit and sparkling water to create a treat your family will (no pun intended) be very thankful for!


We also have a variety of wine cocktail recipes available in our new Ricco cocktail eBook. You can download it today for inspiration for your Thanksgiving menu. 


We wish for good health, safe travels, and mostly peace and love for you and your family this holiday season. Know that we are very thankful for you and are grateful for being able to carry on our family’s traditions of Italian wine-making. Enjoy the time with your loved ones when you are able, as every day on Earth is a gift! 



Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


-Barbara and Caterina!




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