Add A “Very Thankful Punch” to Your Table This Thanksgiving

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During the years that we lived in the United States, there were many traditions and holidays we experienced for the very first time. It was exciting to be able to celebrate with our American friends in the festivities that are unique to the country. One of our favorite holidays that we were able to participate in was Thanksgiving.

Our friends welcomed us into their home and we gathered around a spread of delicious foods and good company. It was very heartwarming to be a part of this bonding moment where everyone shared what they were thankful for. It brought even more joy to an already cheerful holiday season.

When we returned to Italy, we were inspired to recreate the nostalgic feeling of celebrating thankfulness with loved ones around a table laid with savory foods. Since our return, we have shared various recipes for our wines that you can use as the ideal mixed drinks for your holiday menu. This year, we have created the perfect spritzer to complement your Thanksgiving feast. We have appropriately coined it: “Very Thankful Punch.”


We’re Adding Candoni Moscato to the List of Things We’re Thankful For This Season

The Italian Wine Harvest has recently ended, and as we do every year, we are giving thanks to the land for such a successful harvest. This season, we are thankful for the family and friends who have carried out the harvest with us, the many wines we have been able to produce, and our new Very Thankful Punch recipe.

We are sure that our American wine drinkers will be grateful for this Thanksgiving recipe too! Our Very Thankful Punch will pair well with whatever menu you have planned. The star of this recipe – Candoni Moscato – is known for being the perfect accompaniment to any friendly conversation, and we’re sure you have a lot to catch up on with your family.

Watch our video above to see how to bring all of these seasonally appropriate ingredients together:
2 bottles of Candoni Moscato
½ cup of fresh pomegranate seeds
½ cup of ripe raspberries
½ cup of chopped apples – a balanced mix of green and fuji is recommended
1 thinly sliced orange
3 cups of your favorite brand of sparkling water

Plan Your Thanksgiving Menu with Candoni Moscato

We know that the days leading up to Thanksgiving are some of the busiest for those who are trusted with the task of preparing a wonderful meal. When you add our Very Thankful Punch to your Thanksgiving Menu, your future self will thank you for the personal gift, and your family will be impressed by your impeccable wine pairing skills.

We have seen first hand how much hard work goes into creating the perfect Thanksgiving feast, which is why we kept you in mind when creating the simple recipe for our Very Thankful Punch. You are probably already planning on having most of the ingredients for your other dishes, which is just another reason to be thankful for this convenient Thanksgiving recipe.

The Candoni De Zan Family is thankful to our American wine drinkers, and we are happy to share with you the process of some of our favorite wines. Let us give you a special look into how we make the star of our Very Thankful Punch, Candoni Moscato.

How We Make Our Moscato

For this particular wine, our process starts in the Piedmont – Lombardy regions of Italy. This area rests at the foot of the Alps, whose climate creates the perfect conditions for a beautifully developed wine. The mountains protect the Moscato Bianco grapes from frigid weather while simultaneously trapping heat in the valley. The crops contain rocky soil which absorbs that heat during the day and keeps the growing vineyard warm at night.

This mountain region is perfect for growing wine grapes, but the terrain makes harvesting a bit tricky. If you are interested in learning more about the Italian Wine Harvest, you can view our recent blog where we have highlighted the best wines from this past season.

After the Moscato Bianco grapes are harvested, they are taken to our winemaking facility where they begin the unique process of becoming a semi-sparkling wine. We don’t want to bore you with all of the technical details, but just know that this sweet wine gets its semi-sparkle from a second fermentation during the winemaking process, and its sweetness comes from the grape itself, no added sugar!

Another reason we are thankful for our Candoni Moscato is that it does not need to be aged to be enjoyed. Actually, this sweet wine is best experienced when it’s young. You may even be able to find a bottle from our harvest early next year!

The Taste of Sweet, Semi-Sparkling White Wine

As you are preparing for your Thanksgiving feast, show a little thankfulness to yourself by enjoying a glass of our Candoni Moscato. The wine’s natural aromas of fresh nectarine and honey will blend well with the delicious foods cooking in the oven. Taking a sip, you will be delighted by the ripe peach and apricot flavors of this sweet wine. You may want to steal a slice of pie and take a moment to enjoy your hard work a little early. We won’t tell!

When you are setting your table and preparing for your guests to arrive, now is the best time to make our Very Thankful Punch. This spritzer is best enjoyed fresh due to its bubbly nature. We recommend that you have our Candoni Moscato pre-chilled before making this recipe. The sweet wine is best served at temperatures between 42.8°F and 46.4°F.

Gather Together with Family, Friends, and Our Very Thankful Punch

With all of the hard work you have put into your holiday feast this year, we are sure that the event will run smoothly, especially because you have our Very Thankful Punch to keep the conversation light and friendly. We are happy to help you create these beautiful moments that you will look back on with a smile for years to come.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we hope that you enjoy our Very Thankful Punch. The Candoni Family is showing our thanks to our American customers by providing easier access to our wines. You can now buy your favorite bottles with a simple click of the button, thanks to our Buy Now option. You can also try our wines today — find a store near you!

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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!
– Barbara and Caterina

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