Sweet Wines & Cocktail Recipes for Wine-O-Ween

Sweet Wines & Cocktail Recipes for Wine-O-Ween


We love celebrating the holidays with our families, and we look forward to Halloween every year! Who doesn’t love candy and the chance to dress up?! While we know Halloween looks different this year, we encourage you to have fun and celebrate at home. The kids can have the candy, but you can enjoy the real treat: sweet Italian wine or a Halloween wine cocktail.



What is Wine-O-Ween?

If you’ve never heard of Wine-O-Ween, you are missing out! This ‘holiday’ is basically the adult version of Halloween. Instead of candy, you get your extra dose of sugar from wine or wine cocktails. For best safety practices this year, make a Halloween cocktail at home and host a virtual Halloween cocktail party with your friends and family!



Sweet Wines for Halloween

What’s the perfect sweet wine for Halloween? Well, that depends on whether you like white or red wine. Our Candoni Moscato and Ricco Dolce are both tastefully sweet and are true to be a hit in your house. These wines are great with dessert or by themselves!



Candoni Moscato

Candoni Moscato Wine - HalloweenIf you love sweet white wine, you’ll enjoy our Candoni Moscato. This semi-sparkling white wine is naturally sweet and offers refreshing peach and apricot flavors and aromas of nectarine and honey. This sweet Moscato wine pairs well with almost anything – spicy dishes or dessert! No matter what your Halloween dinner plans include, you can make a sweet dessert, such as cookies, cupcakes, or other pastries and see how the wine brings out the best flavor! Our Candoni Moscato is one of our most popular wines, as it is naturally sweet without being too overpowering. This wine is also great with ice cream or on its own as a companion to friendly conversation.



Ricco DolceRicco Dolce

Maybe you prefer red wine over white wine? You’ll love our Ricco Dolce! ‘Ricco Dolce’ means “rich” and “sweet” in Italian, and that is exactly what this sweet red wine is. The perfect base to a fall sangria or as a tasty treat paired with other desserts, you can count on this wine to sweeten your Halloween! This wine is soft and deliciously sweet, yet full of flavor. Whether enjoyed by itself or mixed in a cocktail, the final result is always an elegant well-prepared drink. With sweet touches of cherry, strawberry and other berries, Ricco Dolce pairs well with cheesecake, creme brulee, fruit salad, fruit tarts, and our favorite, CHOCOLATE! 




Try These Cocktail Recipes for Your Wine-O-Ween At-Home Celebration!


With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, you’ll have all day to prepare for your night of fun! While you’re visiting the grocery store this week, make sure you have all ingredients necessary for a sweet and savory treat, such as our favorite Halloween cocktail – the Veneziano!



The Veneziano


ricco cherry moscato


This perfect ‘spooky’ cocktail combines cherry moscato, vodka, bourbon, and triple sec to create a delicious treat. Enjoy a bright red color, fruit profile, and a perfect balance of sweetness that will make you feel like you’re celebrating Halloween in Venice yourself!



  • ½ oz. Vodka
  • ½ oz. Ricco Cherry Moscato
  • ½ oz. Bourbon
  • ½ oz. Triple Sec
  • Orange
  • Ice Cubes



Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Stir and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with orange.


Want More Cocktail Recipes?

Interested in other drink ideas to celebrate Wine-O-Ween and the upcoming holidays? Download our Ricco cocktail eBook and find a variety of sweet wine cocktails perfect for a variety of occasions, including our Red Wine Sangria, Mango Mojito, and Peach Gin Fizz. Most ingredients can be found at your local grocery or produce store, and our wines, along with other alcohol-related ingredients are available at nearby wine and spirits stores.



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Happy Wine-O-Ween!

-Barbara and Caterina

Barbara & Caterina

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