Sweet Wine Cocktails To Unwind…treat yourself to a moment of relaxation!

Caterina and Barbara Candoni De Zan

The day is coming to a close, it has been intense in juggling all the commitments… that is why first we suggest taking 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing! 🙂


Next…Need inspiration?  Put on your favorite music and now to the best part, set aside some time to do something fun!


With this in mind we have created our new Ricco Wine Cocktail Recipe book, thinking about creating fun memories and new recipes to share  with your tight- knight group.


How it all came to life:


Growing up in a family of winemakers, my sister Barbara and I were struck with inspiration one summer day. We were enjoying the company of friends and family on the patio of our beach house, sharing a bottle of our Candoni Moscato. I was suddenly hit with an idea that would make this experience even more enjoyable. My sister and I left the group  momentarily to experiment in the kitchen with the sweet, rich flavors of peaches and mango, adding these ripe summer fruits to our Moscato wine.


We surprised our guests with this unique blend, and everyone really enjoyed what we had created and said “Che Ricco Che Buono!” (how rich and good). From that moment, an idea took root in our minds. We wanted to create even more sweet moments like the one we had stumbled upon at our beach house that pleasant afternoon.


Soon after that strike of genius, my sister and I worked closely with our winemakers to create a sweet wine collection. Our Ricco Dolce, Ricco Mango Moscato, and Ricco Peach Moscato were the first to be introduced in our brand new Ricco collection. Our customers seemed to love the sweet wines we had created. Their enjoyment and support of our wines drove us to continue our endeavors. In the span of a few months, we released our Ricco Cherry Premium Moscato to this sweet wine collection.


My sister and I wanted to share the sweet moments and new cocktail recipes we had created over the course of perfecting our Ricco collection. Our latest ebook, Tasty and Fun Inspired Ricco Cocktails, will help you find and preserve those sweet moments. We believe that there is no price for pleasant memories, which is why this ebook is free for anyone to download.



To give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from our ebook, we have provided a few recipes below that can be found in our newest ebook. Click the link to download the full recipe to liven up your next get together.  You will find 20+ Ricco cocktail recipes!


Unique Blends with Ricco Peach


This is quite a popular Moscato-based cocktail among the ladies in our family. The light-pink color of the Ricco Peach Moscato is the perfect addition to any girls’ night. With the sweet aromas of peach and apricot and a saccharine and rich flavor, you can bottle up your own fun moments among your friends.


Ricco Moscato White Peach Giardino Cocktail 

RICCO Moscato white peach giardino cocktail



Delicious Mixtures for Ricco Cherry

This blend is heavily inspired by our Italian roots. We have combined the floral and fruity flavors of our Moscato with the rich, decadent tastes of Italian cherries to create a blend that is the embodiment of a perfect Italian summer evening. Try our refreshing Ricco Cherry recipes.


Ricco Moscato Cherry Sorbetto Bellini 

RICCO Moscato cherry sorbetto bellini



Cocktails for Ricco Mango Moscato

Our golden Ricco Mango Moscato  will brighten up any moment. This is a Moscato-based blend with heavy tropical fruit aromas. The all-natural mango flavor is what gives this sweet wine its clear, golden sheen. It’s like having the sweetness of a summer sunset in a bottle!


Ricco Moscato Mango Margherita  

RICCO Moscato mango margherita



Tasty Ricco Dolce Blends

What better way to end your evening than with the rich, red blend of Ricco Dolce? The well-rounded and creamy flavors of red grapes and berries can accompany your late-night dessert or a meaningful conversation with a close friend. Sit with a loved one under the stars with a bottle of Ricco Dolce, and enjoy the sweet moments that unfold.


Ricco Dolce Red Wine Sangria   

RICCO dolce red wine sangria



Why Our Ricco Blends Are So Popular

It’s no secret that one of life’s greatest pleasures are sweet things!

Our Ricco Wine collection was created with this in mind.   My sister and I love all that is sweet and especially enriched by delicious all natural fruits.  Our Ricco Sweet Wine collection was made for fellow sweet-lovers that are looking for a premium quality, natural fruit-enriched wine that will tickle their senses!

We’d love to hear what you think about our Ricco Wine collection and our original cocktail recipes!


Share with us your pictures of your Ricco Wine Cocktail creation, tag us on Facebook and Instagram and we will share your post.

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