A Perfect Treat for Mother’s Day – Sweet Wine

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A glass of Italian wine is best enjoyed among good company. If you are trying to find a way to impress Mom this Mother’s Day, The Candoni De Zan Family has some tips for choosing the best sweet Italian wine for your event. We believe that a bottle of sweet wine is the perfect gift – no matter the occasion! Plan a day together with Mom with one of our sweet wines and enjoy the company, conversation, and good times that unfold!


As you are planning a celebration with Mom, you may be wondering “What is a sweet Italian wine?” or “What is the best sweet Italian wine?” We are diving in deep with everything you need to know about sweet wines, including our favorite ways to enjoy them. By the end of this article, we are sure that your mom will think you are just as sweet, if not more, as the bottle of wine you have chosen.

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Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Sweet Italian Wines


  • Sweet Wine For Cooking


Sweet wines can be great for cooking, especially for custard sauces, sorbets, or fruit salads. For the best results, add your sweet wine toward the end of cooking. At Candoni, we have a few sweet wines that we love to use to bring out the flavors of our favorite dishes. However, when cooking heartier dishes such as pasta we recommend our Organic Pinot Grigio


When you are cooking with sweet wines, remember that there is a smaller window to work with in order to achieve the best flavor. But, many sweet wines pair well with foods, including desserts. We have highlighted some of our favorite sweet wines and their recommended food pairings below.


  • Sweet Wine & Food Pairings



Moscato is a naturally sweet white wine that tastes great with both entrees and dessert. If you are a seafood fan, our Candoni Moscato will go perfectly with your meal. The sugary hints of peach and apricot will dance across your palate when you enjoy a glass of Moscato alongside sushi and sashimi. The crisp and fruity finish of this wine also makes it perfect for more spicy dishes.


Peach Moscato

Our Ricco Peach Moscato is a sweet, fruity Moscato-based wine that is light-pink in color. It pairs well with a variety of foods or on its own. Try a glass of this sweet wine with your favorite salad, or perhaps use it as a palate amplifier as you sample soft cheeses. The fizziness of the wine is also good for appreciating spicy dishes – and desserts too!


Mango Moscato

If you have already tried our Ricco Peach Moscato and enjoyed the sweet and fizzy characters, then you absolutely have to taste our Ricco Mango Moscato! The golden tones waiting inside this bottle are achieved by the wine’s all-natural mango flavor.

We love to celebrate the warmth of this tropical wine during the summer months, but don’t let that stop you from trying it in the winter! Enjoy this wine any time of year with fruits, salads, and spicy foods. This sweet wine will compliment your entire menu, including dessert!


  • Sweet Wine with Dessert

mothers day wines


Nothing tastes better than Italian sweet wine and dessert. You’ll truly appreciate the best part of your meal (dessert!) when you know which wine pairs the best. Remember, red and white wines will only play well with certain flavors. Let us help you decide which wine to choose based on your favorite dessert.


Sweet Red Wine

Sweet red wine pairs well with elegant, rich desserts like cheesecake, crème brûlée, fruit tarts, fruit salad, and (of course) chocolate! Our favorite sweet red wine is our Ricco Dolce (meaning “rich” and “sweet” in Italian). The fully-developed red berry flavors of the wine combined with sweets will make your tastebuds dance. 


Sweet White Wine

If you and Mom are more of a white wine drinker, we recommend our Candoni Moscato. Try pairing it with any fruity dessert of your choice. It’s the perfect sweet Italian white wine, and pastries, cakes, and ice cream are all wonderful options. Perhaps the best thing you can enjoy with a glass of this sweet white wine is a deep and insightful conversation with Mom. 


  • Sweet Wine for Sangria, Punch & Other Mixed Drinks


If you are planning a party with the whole family to celebrate Mom, you can impress your crowd with some fantastic cocktails. You can use both sweet red and white Italian wine to make Sangria and other mixed drinks. Follow our recipe below for a night filled with fun and fully-developed flavors: 



1 apple

1 orange

3/4 tbsp brown sugar

2 parts orange juice

Ricco Dolce Sweet Red


Wash and chop the fruit. Add the sugar and muddle in a large pitcher. Add orange juice and Ricco Dolce wine. Stir to combine. Add ice and stir once more to chill. Garnish with orange slices.



2 parts Ricco Peach Moscato

1 part lime juice

1 part vodka (or soda for a low-alcohol version)

1 cup frozen sliced peaches

1 fresh peach

Fresh mint leaves

Combine the frozen peach slices and lime juice in a blender until smooth. Pour the peach mixture into a champagne flute until half full. Top with Ricco Peach Moscato and vodka (or soda for a low-alcohol version). Garnish with fresh peach slices and mint leaves. 


Now that you have an idea of what’s the best sweet Italian wine for you and how to make this Mother’s Day memorable, it’s time to get shopping! We just know that a bottle of our sweet wine is sure to help Mom enjoy the day and relax. Let Candoni help you let Mom know just how sweet she is and how much you appreciate her!


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