To Chill or Not to Chill…

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There’s just something about summer. Something that calls us to slow down, take the scenic route and enjoy the moment. The long evenings of summer invite us to come sit awhile under the stars. The warm breezes remind us of summers come and gone, of when worries were few and time was of no significance.


While the carefree summers of our youth might be gone, enjoying the gifts of today are still so important. Making memories and spending time with the ones we love is what continues to drive the Candoni family in making the finest wines from the finest vineyards of Italy.


So, as summertime heats up and the question becomes whether to chill or not to chill, let us answer that questioìn with a resounding yes! We also want to let you in on a little secret. Not only is it important for you to chill, relax, enjoy a little downtime this summer, we also think you should know about chilling your favorite wines. While chilling white and rose´ wines are typically a given, we want you to consider chilling your red wines this summer.


A red wine will deliver its fullest flavor at 60-65º F. Room temperature during the summer months is too warm for these wines so we recommend putting them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or so before serving. You might also try an ice bucket for a few minutes for a quick cool down of your wine. If you’re out on the boat or enjoying a picnic, a cooler will work fine as well.


Chilling your red wine will not only provide a more refreshing drink, but will also enhance the flavors of the wine. The cooler temperatures of the wine will keep the alcohol from evaporating allowing the crisp fruit flavors to shine through. Cooling a red wine down to 60-65º F truly enhances the robust fruit flavors and aromas.



A couple of our favorite wines for summertime are the Candoni Pinot Noir and our own Elviana Rose´. The Elviana Rose´ has a particular softness and a light, fruity flavor that’s perfect for enjoying appetizers with friends. The Pinot Noir is also a light, refreshing wine. The wonderful fruit flavor of this dry wine makes it a great pairing with grilled tuna or salmon or any dish with mushrooms. Either wine is perfect for sipping on the front porch swing!


Now you know the secret. Sweet summertime awaits you. Grab a good glass of wine and chill!


**Below is a reference for optimal serving temperatures for wines by varietal. To properly highlight a varietal’s unique bouquet and flavor profile, it is important to serve wine at the right temperature.


Suggested Serving Temperatures by Varietal:

Sauvignon Blanc – 45° F

Pinot Grigio – 45° F

Chardonnay – 50° F

Rosé – 50° F

Pinot Noir – 50-55° F

Merlot – 55° F

Cabernet Sauvignon – 65° F

Zinfandel – 65° F

Dry Sparkling (Candoni Prosecco) – 46º-50º

White Sweet Sparkling Wine (Candoni Moscato) – 46º


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