Candoni De Zan Family Wines Awarded Medals for Three Brands of Wines at San Antonio Wine Competition

San Antonio Wine Competition


Judged by industry leaders and professionals that are highly pedigreed in the wine making process, the San Antonio Rodeo Wine Competition receives around 1,500 entries every year. The competition allows both local and international wines to compete. This year was the first time the Candoni De Zan Family entered the competition, and each wine entered received a medal.


We are very proud of this accomplishment, as no medals are awarded to wines the judges feel don’t deserve them. We entered a total of 5 wines and every wine medaled. It is very rare for any winery to have every single entry medal – and this unique recognition shows the detailed quality of wine we produce.


So, Which Wines Received a Medal?


The individual medals a wine can receive are: Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Learn more about our wines that received these medals below:


Tenuta Polvaro Nero – Double Gold Medal

Ricco Dolce – Gold Medal

Candoni Moscato – Silver Medal

Candoni Moscato

Candoni Prosecco – Silver Medal

Candoni Prosecco

Candoni Organic Pinot Grigio – Silver Medal

Organic Pinot Grigio


Winning a medal for every wine entered in the San Antonio Wine Competition is an accomplishment we do not take lightly. We’re thankful to our fans in not only Texas, but the rest of the states who enjoy our unique blends of Italian wine.


Where to Buy Candoni De Zan Family Wines



      Find a store near you that sells one of our family’s brands! Try one of the wines that received a medal or find a different wine made with the same kind of care and attention to detail. We can’t wait for you to fall in love and taste a piece of Italy at the comfort of your home!


      Barbara and Caterina

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