The Perfect White Wines for a Garden Party

white wine garden party


Spring is in full swing…time for a garden party! Here at the winery, we love to take advantage of the most temperate months of the year by hosting as many garden events as possible, from picnics to teas to, of course, wine tastings!


Garden parties are such fun events to host. They’re more casual than cocktail parties and require less work than indoor events – when you’re in a beautiful setting, there’s no need for extra décor. We suggest sticking to light foods that hold up well without refrigeration: Fruit salads, hard cheese, and pastries are smart choices. Skip the seafood unless you’re planning a plated event.


Of course, the most important part of any party (at least here in Italy!) is the wine! Garden parties call for specific varietals to complement the mood and the environment; don’t be tempted to just pick up a case of “white” and go. My sister and I have a few no-fail Italian wine suggestions for your next garden party. Feel free to tell us about your favorite outdoor wine over on our Facebook page, too.

Pinot Grigio


Pinot Grigio
Here in Italy, it’s not a party without Pinot. Candoni Pinot Grigio makes an appearance at just about every family event we attend, and it’s a common choice for couples getting married at the vineyard. It’s the absolute perfect crowd-pleaser for a garden party. Our pinot is crisp with medium-body and delicious hints of pear. It’s beautiful choice as a stand-alone wine.


Is rosè having a moment or what? Italian rosè has quickly become one of the absolute most-requested hot-weather wines in the U.S. because it’s easy to drink and pairs so well with light foods. And it’s beautiful, too! Candoni De Zan’s Elviana Rosè is a semi-sparkling wine, delicate and fragrant. For garden sipping, you won’t find a wine that better compliments the smell of flowers and fruits.




Polvaro Oro
Why serve white when you can serve gold? The word “oro” means “gold” in Italian, which perfectly describes the rich color of one of our most popular garden wines. Made using three outstanding grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Traminer), Polvaro Oro offers notes of melon, apricot, and grapefruit. Add scents of honeysuckle and white pepper and you’ve got a perfectly complex wine for a garden event!

Polvaro OroProsecco
No party is complete without a fizzy spirit. Prosecco is ideal for outdoor events because it’s refreshing; it’s also far more affordable (and for many people, tastier) than traditional French champagne. Italian prosecco from Candoni is crisp and clean with both honey and acidity. It’s well-balanced enough to pair with food or to drink by itself after a toast!



Which wines will you be serving at your next garden party? We suggest first selecting your venue (A backyard garden? A local garden club?) and then planning out your menu. Once you know how many guests you’ll invite and what you’ll be serving, plan ahead for wine! It’s generally a good idea to budget one bottle of wine for every two people in attendance. When in doubt, always have extra!

We’d love to see pictures of your garden party! Share them with us on the Candoni Wines Facebook page.


Candoni De Zan

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