Join Us in Working Towards a Sustainable Future

Spring is a great time to appreciate the Earth and its beautiful creations. That’s why we celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day in April. In Italy, Spring is in full bloom, and we are planting new trees, doing our part to help the environment. Read below some of our favorite ways we celebrate the Earth not only in April, but all year long!


Go for a Walk!

The best way to appreciate the Earth is to get out in nature and simply enjoy your surroundings. Our vineyards are one of our favorite places to visit, full of green grass, flowers, and lots of sunshine! Find a park with hiking trails or walk around your neighborhood. What kind of plants, flowers, and trees do you see?


Plant a Tree or a Garden

We are planting some of our favorite trees at our winery and we look forward to its fruit in the future. Planting trees is a great way to add more oxygen to the air, and growing your own produce is also eco-friendly (and fun!) Each April, our family partners with the Arbor Day Foundation and so far, we have planted over 40,000 trees in United States national forests. We encourage you to plant trees and gardens in your yards, but you can also join us in our Arbor Day Mission to improve the planet.

Shop Eco-Friendly

If you can’t plant your own garden, you can at least shop local for seasonal fruit and vegetables. Spring and summer are the perfect time to shop at farmers markets. Our favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets are carrots, zucchini, broccoli and asparagus, perfect in a salad or pasta! We are always surprised at the unique variety of produce we find at the markets here in Italy. The quality is so amazing, as the seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown naturally unlike other larger produce farms. 

Drink Organic Vegan Wine!

Another way to celebrate the Earth is to not only eat, but drink organic! Organic wines are made with grapes produced without chemical fertilizers, ensuring the wine is good for the planet and healthy for the drinker. The wines in our Organic Wines Collection are produced with organic grapes, similar to how our ancestors the Etruscans grew and cultivated their wine! 

By switching to organic wine, you are working towards a more sustainable future and are making a better choice for yourself as well. But, to make the largest impact on the environment, you can also drink vegan wines, which are produced without animal byproducts. Candoni De Zan Family is proud to be one of the first organic and vegan wine brands from Italy! Our sustainable wines are vegan and gluten-free certified.

Our family has a deep respect for the environment that allows us to create such delectable wines while leaving behind small footprints. We show our gratitude to the land by creating wine-making processes that result in only positive effects on the environment. Learn more about our organic and vegan wines below.

Organic Pinot Grigio

Organic Pinot Grigio

Our Organic Pinot Grigio is a vegan white wine with fruity aromas and notes of toasted almonds, dried hay, and walnut. It is smooth, soft and harmonious with balanced acidity. This organic vegan wine is excellent with all the main courses of a meal, but especially veggie wraps, vegetable soups, salads, and vegan sushi. It is also ideal as an aperitif. 

Organic Merlot

Organic Merlot

One of our three vegan red wines, our Organic Merlot blends silky flavors of blackberry, cherry, and blackcurrant. It is wonderfully aromatic and fruity, made with 100% organic merlot grapes from Sicily. Its round character is best paired with mushrooms, berries and red fruit sauces. It is best served in clear, transparent crystal goblets.

Organic Pinot Noir

Organic Pinot Noir

One of the newest organic and vegan-friendly wines, our Organic Pinot Noir has a nice, medium body structure and is well balanced with fine tannins and a fruity finish. Enjoy aromas of red and black cherries, raspberries and more. This vegan red wine pairs perfectly with Asian food, white mushroom recipes, hearty soups and vegetables.

Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Quite the opposite of sweet vegan wine, our Organic Cabernet Sauvignon has great structure with aromas of red fruits, blackberry jam, as well as some slight spice. It is round, full bodied with velvety tannins and is nice and persistent in the palate. This wine is ideal with veggie burgers, grilled vegetables, hearty soups, tomato-based pastas, dark chocolate, and walnuts.

Organic Vegan Wine - Earth Day

What’s the Best Vegan Wine?

The best vegan wine will depend on your preferences. There are vegan white wines, vegan red wines, and at some wine stores, even sweet vegan wine. We encourage you to view the suggested food pairings above to help you make your choice. Better yet, try different organic vegan wines and see which one you like the best!

Find Vegan Wine Near You!

Searching for “vegan wine near me?” Don’t worry! Our wines are produced and bottled in Italy and sold across the world. Find a store near you or shop our wines online. Continuing in our efforts each Spring, the Candoni De Zan Family will be making a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. We hope you join us in working towards a sustainable future by celebrating Earth Day and supporting our organic and vegan wine initiatives.




      Frequently Asked Questions About Vegan Wines

      Vegan wine is either not filtered and left to self-stabilize or filtered with clay-based fining agents. Vegan wines in no way use animal byproducts, such as typical fining agents to produce the wine.
      Depending on how the wine is produced, red wine can be vegan. For example, the Candoni Organic Merlot, Organic Pinot Noir, and Organic Cabernet Sauvignon are each vegan-friendly red wines.
      Some white wines such as Candoni Organic Pinot Grigio are not only organic, but vegan certified and gluten-free.
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