Make this Mother’s Day Extra Special with Edible Flower Ice Cubes



We are wanting to do something special for Mother’s Day this year and so we found a project that is simple and beautiful! These edible flower ice cubes are a unique touch to serving Mom some delicious Candoni Elviana Rosé, a slightly sparkling brut rosé which is perfect for brunch, an aperitif, salad, white fish, or seafood. Its beautiful shade of deep rose pink is complemented nicely by colorful purple, yellow, and pink flowers.


Flowers are always a lovely traditional gift to give-who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of their favorite flowers? But did you know that many flowers are edible? It’s true! We don’t think of eating those beautiful flower petals but for many centuries cultures such as China, Ecuador, and Morocco have been cooking with flowers and using them in their soups, pies, stir fries. They can even be used to flavor and decorate salads, cakes, soups, and many other dishes!


But beware… Not all flowers are meant to be eaten, and just because the petal is edible does not mean that the team and entire flower should be consumed. Many stems are poisonous and so it is very careful to know which flowers are ok to consume in their entirety or only the petals.


Here is a list of some flowers that are safe to consume:



Calendula/pot marigold

Garland chrysanthemum

African marigold







***Be very careful that you are choosing the correct specie and not a look alike. Also, if you have allergies, asthma, or are highly sensitive, you may want to avoid eating flowers***


You only need a few materials:

Distilled Water (for clear ice cubes)

Ice Trays that make large cubes

Edible Flowers (Organic Preferred)



Fill the ice tray a quarter of the way with water.


Add the flowers and freeze.


Fill up the tray to the half-way point and freeze.


Add more water and freeze.


This multi-step process allows the flowers to become suspended in the ice cube.


Voila! A beautiful detail to add to Mom’s special celebration.



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