Is Wine Keto Friendly?



As the first month of a new year, January means a fresh start for many people. The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions is an old one, and using the start of a new year as motivation to get healthy and fit is one of the most common resolutions people make.


As you focus on staying healthy, you may be starting a new diet. One of the more popular diets is the keto diet, which is a diet low in carbohydrates but high in fat. The keto diet reportedly offers health benefits and can be used for weight loss. To comply with the keto diet, you reduce the amount of carbs you eat until your body enters a metabolic state known as “ketosis.” Being in this state makes your body burn fat more efficiently, hence why many people use this diet to lose weight.



Keto vs. Keto Lite Diet


There are many variations of the keto diet, which is useful for people who want to follow the diet but cannot comply with some of its restrictions.


The Keto Lite Diet is one of these variations. Described as a “lazy keto diet,” the lite diet uses the same principle of limiting carbs so that the body burns fat instead. But unlike the typical keto diet, the lite keto diet does not have rules about how many calories or how much fat or protein a person is supposed to consume.


Because someone on the Keto Lite Diet is not tracking their food intake like someone on the regular keto diet would be, it is harder for them to know if their body is in ketosis or not, potentially limiting the benefits of this variation of the diet.


So, Can You Drink Wine on the Keto Diet?


If you’re anything like us, you won’t consider a diet that means you can’t drink Italian wine. And with many alcoholic beverages, the carb and calorie count can be quite high. So if you’re wondering “can I drink wine on the keto diet?”, we’ve got great news for you! Depending on the type of wine you drink, it can absolutely be incorporated into the keto diet, and even more easily into a lazy or lite keto diet.   


It’s of course best to consider your individual body and the way you process alcohol. Moderation is recommended to keep the carb count low, and thankfully there are many keto friendly wines to choose from!


Wine on the Keto Diet


What Wines are Keto Friendly?


The best wines to drink on the keto diet are dry white wines like Italian pinot grigio and dry red wines like merlot. Keto friendly wine brands like Candoni De Zan Family organic wines are a great place to start when you’re looking for a glass of wine to have with your keto friendly dinner.


Pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon are also keto friendly, so you can keep up your passion for wines while still kicking those stubborn, extra pounds from the holidays to the curb. (We know that struggle all too well!)


Try our Keto Friendly Wines

They’re Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free, Too!  


Organic wines are known for being especially keto friendly. At Candoni De Zan Family, we like to cater to a variety of tastes as well as a variety of dietary needs, which is why we created our organic, gluten-free vegan wines. Each of these wines pairs well with a keto diet and brings the taste of Italy to your home. 


Organic Pinot Grigio

If you were worried “Is pinot grigio keto friendly?”, we’re here to put your worries at ease. Our Organic Pinot Grigio is a fantastic choice for white wine on a keto or keto lite diet. With aromas of melon, pear and pineapple coupled with the taste of lemon and fig, you won’t miss carbs at all with this refreshing white wine. 


Organic Merlot

Can you drink dry red wine on a keto diet? Absolutely! Candoni De Zan Family’s Organic Merlot is a full-bodied red wine that can go with any meal, perfectly complementing your keto friendly, high-fat diet. 



Organic Buongiorno

Named after the Italian way to say “have a good day,” the Candoni De Zan Organic Buongiorno is a red blend that is also a perfect accompaniment to any meal or diet. In addition to being keto-friendly, our organic wines are made of grapes free from pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals. This makes this organic wine an excellent choice for the body and the environment!




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      If you’ve incorporated a diet into your routine for 2021, we want you to be able to continue to enjoy life’s pleasures while sticking to your resolutions. That’s why we offer organic keto friendly wines! Find a store near you to discover more about our wine selections. 


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      Cheers and Happy New Year!
      – Barbara and Caterina





      Frequently Asked Questions about Keto Friendly Wine


      Where to find keto-friendly wines?

      Many brands offer keto-friendly wines that are low in carbohydrates. Organic wines are more likely to be keto-friendly, such as Candoni De Zan Family’s range of organic red and white wines.

      Does alcohol affect ketosis?

      It depends on the type of alcohol you’re consuming. Beers, mixed drinks and other alcohols high in sugar and carbohydrates can knock your body out of ketosis, while dry red and white wines, enjoyed in moderation, should not affect it.

      Which wine has the least amount of sugar?

      In general, dry wines have the least amount of sugar. Dry red wines like pinot noirs are a great low-sugar option, as are dry white wines such as pinot grigio.

      What is the best wine to drink on keto?

      The best wines to drink on keto are those that are low in sugar and carbohydrates, therefore having little impact on the body’s state of ketosis. Organic dry white and red wines from Candoni De Zan Family are great wines to drink while on the keto diet.

      How many glasses of wine can I drink on keto?

      Even wine that is low in carbs can still impact your ketone levels. It’s best to stick to one glass of low-sugar or low-carb wine to keep your body in ketosis. 

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