Candoni’s Delectable Italian Wines Made from Organic Grapes



In the spirit of protecting our planet and giving wine lovers unique experiences to sip and ponder over, Candoni Wines produces three delicious, well-rounded wine varieties made from organically-grown grapes. Our organic grapes are certified by the Italian certification entity, Suolo e Salute. Different from the American definition of organic, European organically-grown grapes may contain a very low level of added sulfites to preserve flavor and prevent microbial growth. As an added bonus, all three of these Candoni wines are certified gluten free and vegan wines as well!


Candoni Merlot Made with Organically-Grown Grapes



Our Merlot made with organically-grown grapes is a deep, ruby-colored wine with medium body and strong, aromatic notes of blackberry, cherry and blackcurrant. It is created from 100 percent organically-grown Merlot grapes grown in the Veneto region of Northeast Italy, just at the foothills of the Alps. Its bold and weighty but still fruity character makes it a perfect pairing with marinara dishes, red meats, toasted cheese or almost any other dish, but we have also heard tell it can make for an amazing chocolate cake. This wine was recently awarded 92 points by renown wine publication Tasting Panel.


Candoni Buongiorno Red Blend Made with Organically-Grown Grapes



Our Buongiorno blend is made with 2/3 organic Primitivo grapes and the remainder organic Syrah, both hailing from the Southeast tip of Italy in the Apulia region — the “heel” of Italy’s boot. These organic grapes offer an intriguing balance of dark-colored, full-bodied earthy, cinnamon tones with just a touch of oak along with a brighter, lighter fruit notes of spiced berries and plum. Goes great with red meats, and it can be a fun accompaniment to Carolina-style mustard BBQ! This wine was awarded 87 points by the esteemed wine publication Wine Spectator.


Candoni Pinot Grigio Made with Organically-Grown Grapes




This fun, fruity wine made from organic Pinot Grigio grapes grown in Pavia, Italy offers a lighter side to our organic line. Aromatic notes of melon, pear and pineapple culminate in a finish of tangy lemon and fig to create a highly drinkable white wine that can accompany just about any appetizer, starch or seafood dish. The bright, tart flavors also complement the alfredo-style sauce in this creamy kale and sausage penne pasta dish. This wine was awarded 93 points by Beverage Testing Institute and a “Best Buy” and a gold medal in their World-Wine Championship.



Buy a Bottle from April to June and Plant a Tree!


Organically-grown grapes already give back to the health of the planet, but we at Candoni want to give back more directly. As part of our annual Arbor Day campaign, we will make a generous donation to Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees in America’s National Forests of need for every bottle sold of Candoni Italian wines made from organically-grown grapes.

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