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On the last day of the harvest as the sun shone down and we basked in the beauty of our vineyard, a deep sense of gratitude pervaded us.  Gratitude for our land, our workers, our friends, our own family and, since grape harvesting happens only once a year, we wanted to make sure we celebrated it properly!


On a beautiful day of fall, all the attendees arrived to the Polvaro Estate to celebrate our annual Harvest Feast. While trays of Prosecco awaited, our parents, Elviana and Armando, welcomed everyone, made introductions, and greeted friends. The bell of the 17th century chapel rang, and Padre Antonio and then the mayor spoke. We stood quietly as the vineyards were blessed, always a solemn moment.


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Then the popping sounds of corks on the patio signaled the start of the party. After refreshments were served, we entered the dining room for lunch, where tables shimmered with arrays of glasses and silver-each one had an elegant arrangement of pumpkins, pomegranates, leaves etc.  While enjoying grilled meat and vegetables, laughter filled the air, time flew by, and soon it was time to go back out and have fun.



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We divided our guests in teams and the competition started.  Looking out on the lawn there was a wonderful tableau of joy!  Children playing happily on the grass with their entertainers, the teams challenging each other at darts, ping pong, tug of war etc., grandparents playing Bocce with teenagers.  Probably the hit of the afternoon was when we hit the piñata. The children were so thrilled when one of the clay pots broke, rushing to pick up the candy.


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Our Harvest Feast is also the occasion to celebrate our father, Armando’s, birthday with all the people he loves and that love him dearly.   When he blew out the candles we all wished him: ‘Cento di questi giorni.’   ‘A hundred of these days.’ .





Thanksgiving is this week but if we think of all we have to be grateful for, my family can say, that our Harvest Feast is our Thanksgiving.


We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to yours!


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