Happy Holidays from The Candoni De Zan Family

Sweet Low-Alcohol Cocktails


The twinkling lights, decorations, cookies, gift giving, and joyful spirits. Everyone loves the holidays! But sometimes there are so many people to see, parties to go to, and presents to buy. The holidays can be a busy season, but here at Candoni De Zan we encourage you to squeeze in some time to yourself, even if just an hour to think about what is truly important this time of year.

Try to remember when you were young… what activities did you enjoy most about the holidays then? Whether it was decorating the tree, going caroling, baking cookies with your grandmother, or possibly helping those less fortunate, make this the year you start it back.

The Holidays are a Time for Family

You can have many friends, but you only have one family. And while you can buy gifts and presents, you can’t purchase extra time to make special memories. Call your grandparents, schedule a time to have dinner with your parents or in-laws. Plan a night with the kids looking at Christmas lights or send a holiday card unexpectedly to a long-distance relative. While the holidays are extremely busy, we in Italy believe they are a time for family.

Our Italian roots run deep, and while my sister and I were raised to always cherish time with family no matter what season, the holidays are our favorite time of year. Learn how our family celebrates the holidays and what our traditions are. We promise they are fun (and delicious!)

Sweet Low-Alcohol Cocktails

How Our Family Celebrates the Holidays

Here at Candoni De Zan, the holiday season is a very special time for our family. We make it a point to spend time with loved ones and appreciate the things that you can’t put a price on, like showing our regard and care for our family.

Perhaps our favorite part of the holidays is the traditions we have been practicing since we were children. Our whole family gets together each year and makes cookies that we share with everyone. The grandparents get in on the fun too! We are always so thankful to be able to experience the togetherness that this tradition brings.

Now that Caterina and I have children of our own, we plan to continue this tradition. No matter how busy or hectic our schedules may be during the holiday season, we will prioritize spending time together as a family above all else. Teaching our children these values will ensure that the love we feel and give during the holidays will live on. Maybe one day we can help teach these traditions to our grandchildren as well!

Sweet Low-Alcohol Cocktails

The Candoni De Zan Family would like to wish our fellow wine lovers a happy holiday season. We hope that you can take some time to spend with your family and enjoy the gift of each other’s company. Pour a glass of our Candoni Moscato and reconnect with your relatives this season.

Sweet Low-Alcohol Cocktails

Happy Holidays!

Barbara and the Candoni De Zan Family

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