Having Fun With Italian Food: A Candoni Wine Contest


Having Fun With Italian Food Blog Post: Facebook Contest March 2016 | Candoni Wines


Everyone loves sharing Italian food with loved ones. From delicious pasta to freshly baked pizza, the smells and tastes of Italian cuisine fill every kitchen with the warmth of good times and hearty ingredients.


Candoni Wines introduces their March 2016 Facebook Contest, Having Fun with Italian Food! During the month of March, we encourage you to send us fun, spontaneous, and silly pictures of your family and friends cooking, enjoying, and sharing your favorite Italian dishes. Upload your picture and tag it to Candoni Facebook so that friends and family can like your new photo. The person with the most likes will win a beautiful Wine Lover’s Kit which consists of: Candoni Ice bucket, two Riedel wine flutes, a wine opener, and stopper. Join us online for a chance to win!


Candoni Photo Contest Prizes & Rewards | Having Fun With Italian Food!


Looking for some inspirational pictures and ideas to share for this month’s Facebook contest? Here are some posts that could give you the chance to win this wonderful prize that’s perfect for all oenophiles!


Pasta Arts & Crafts | Dry Pasta Necklace | Candoni Facebook Contest


Use Pasta for Arts & Crafts: We all remember elementary school projects with glue sticks and dry noodles, so this is always a fun activity that you can share with your kids! Because pasta comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, there are virtually endless possibilities for homemade art projects. From pasta jewelry to pipe cleaner animals, you can use all types of dry pasta varieties for creative arts and crafts ideas. Snap a photo and share it with our team on Facebook!




Share A Recipe With Us | Candoni Facebook Contest


Share A Traditional Recipe: Do you have a special Italian recipe that’s better than the rest? Maybe it’s a secret Bolognese sauce, the world’s best lasagna, or the tastiest pesto. Whatever your style, share it with thousands of Italian cuisine enthusiasts just like you! Make your secret recipe, take a snapshot, and upload it onto the Candoni Wines Facebook page!






Making A Homemade Pizza | Candoni Photo Contest

Make A Homemade Pizza: Ordering take-out is usually the fastest way to enjoy a slice of pizza, but you can also make a homemade pizza pie with just a few ingredients, in a few minutes, with way more kitchen fun. Pick up pre-made pizza crust at a local grocery store, buy a can of pizza sauce, then sprinkle whatever tasty ingredients on top. Fresh basil leaves, pepperoni, mozzarella, or prosciutto – share your interesting and creative toppings with other pizza lovers. Take a snapshot of your creative Italian pizza and post it to the Candoni Wines Facebook page!




Snap A Dinner Photo | Italian Food & Wine Facebook Contest: Candoni De Zan


Show Us Your Favorite Food Photos: Today’s Facebook enthusiasts know that an Italian meal is never complete without the ritual pre-meal photo. Whether it’s at home or at a restaurant, you can always count on someone to snap a picture before chowing down. Post it to the Candoni Wines Facebook page!






Italian Vacation Photos of Food: Candoni Wine Facebook Contest | Having Fun With Italian Food

Share Your Travel Photos: Have you had an unforgettable experience in Italy? From street vendors to traditional Mediterranean dinners, there is no country that loves food more than Italy. Did you stop at a famous restaurant or enjoy a traditional meal on the Italian countryside? Share your picture of that perfect Italian moment on our Candoni Wines Facebook page!






Next time you’re Having Fun With Italian Food, you can enter for a chance to win a custom prize from Candoni Wines! For the latest information or to find out more about our social media contest, sign into Facebook and visit our page today! 



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