All the Secrets You Need to Know about PROSECCO SPARKLING WINE.

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All the Secrets You Need to Know about PROSECCO SPARKLING WINE.

With the 4th of July around the corner, it’s time to celebrate freedom with family and friends. Pour a glass of your own personal fireworks with our refreshing sparkling wine, Candoni Prosecco, and enjoy a night of excitement and fun. Before you go out and buy Candoni Prosecco, let us fill you in on all the facts about Prosecco?— your favorite sparkling wine— so that you can kick off the night right.


Fun Facts about Prosecco:

Did you know that the sparkling wine that you love, Prosecco, only comes from 2 specific regions of Italy? It’s true! The Friuli and Veneto regions in the North East of Italy are the only places where Prosecco is made. Our Candoni Prosecco comes from Veneto (it is actually produced not too far away from Venice!).

There is a super strict group of rules (Disciplinare) that regulate how to produce Prosecco, and only the producers that follow them diligently can actually write “Prosecco” on their label.
These rules allow the Prosecco to be certified as D.O.C. (Denominazione di origine controllata – designation of origin). This certification of quality ensures where the grapes come from and how the wine is produced. Some Prosecco that origin from a small sub-region are certified D.O.C.G.
Glera grapes are used to produce Prosecco. The name of the grapes is different from the name of the wine.

Now that you know where your wine comes from, let’s find out more about this nice ‘fuzzy feeling’ that you get from Prosecco. Since The first week of July is Sparkling Wine Week, so you better know the difference between Sparkling and Semi-Sparkling wine!

Sparkling vs Semi-Sparkling 

Candoni Prosecco is defined as Sparkling wine since it has intense, elegant, and persistent bubbles that give a nice refreshing and fun profile to the wine.

In the market however, you may have also noticed Semi-Sparkling (or Frizzante) wines, and you might wonder what is the real difference between Sparkling and Frizzante.

Actually, the difference is quite simple to identify. In the Semi-Sparkling wine, bubbles are less intense, while in the Sparkling wine, the bubbles are more intense and persistent…and more fun!? You will be able to see it in your glass but also feel it in your palate!

Now if you want to really impress your pals (or Amici if you want to show off your Italian’s skills), you should know that the difference between Sparkling and Frizzante Italian wine is actually due to the level of pressure in the bottle (that are of course given by the bubbles): Frizzante is between 1 & 2.5 bar and Sparkling is 2.5 bars.


Where does the Prosecco Sparkle come from? 

Where Prosecco bubbles come from and how they are produced is another interesting piece of information that will help you gain the nickname of Mr / Mrs Wine!

First of all, the production procedure to Proseccos is strictly regulated and the Disciplinare (do you remember this? If not, look back to the Fun Facts) does not allow the addition of carbon dioxide (CO 2) to the wine to produce the bubbles, which are instead produced through a two-phase process of fermentation called ‘Spumantizzazione’. I won’t go into many technical details, but you should know that the second fermentation is carried out inside of stainless-steel tanks, where, as the yeasts devour the sugar, CO2 and alcohol is naturally produced. This method usually takes three weeks, which helps keep the Prosecco fresh, crispy and elegant. This methodology of production is called: Charmat Method.

So, your lovely bubbles are not added in as it happens for soda drinks, but instead they are grown and developed naturally thanks to the fermentation of the grapes.

Another methodology used to produce bubbles (and that is used also for the French Champagne) is the Champenoise Method or Metodo Classico, where the second fermentation is carried out inside of the bottles. This method is much longer than what we discussed for Prosecco, and takes at least 18 months, which gives the classic wine a fresh and yeasty profile.


Level of sweetness: First impressions are not always what you think 

The next thing you need to know about Candoni’s wines is what Brut and Extra Dry means. These two words define the levels of sugar in the sparkling wines. While easy to say, “Extra dry” has less sugar and “Brut” has more sugar, keep in mind that first impressions are not always what you think. But this is easy, right?! Well I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it is NOT like this!

It is actually the opposite. Brut wines have a drier profile with just a whisper of sweet, like our Prosecco Candoni. Meanwhile, the Extra Dry are sweeter sparkling wines.


By now you should be able to recognize Prosecco without looking at the label.. Let’s Try it!

Test your wine-tasting skills with a blindfold and a glass. If you are able to identify a flowery aroma, a delicate and fruity taste, and a hint of honey, you’ve most likely got Candoni’s Prosecco Brut D.O.C. in your hand. This sparkling wine is crisp and clean, with a lingering freshness following its well-balanced finish.

It’s time now to enjoy your summer holiday with a glass of fireworks. If you’re feeling curious and eager to try more delicious bubbly wines from the Candoni De Zan Family you can choose among our Extra Dry Prosecco DOC from Carletto or Tenuta Polvaro brands. Or if you want a little less bubble, grab a glass of our frizzante Candoni Moscato and Elviana Rosè.

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Barbara and Caterina.


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