Does Drinking Organic Wine Prevent Headaches?

Does Organic Wine Prevent HeadachesDid you know that September is globally recognized as “Organic Harvest Month?” It makes perfect sense for us here at Candoni Winery as September is typically the time when we harvest the grapes for our three organic wines: Pinot Grigio Organic, Merlot Organic, and Buongiorno Organic Red Blend.


It seems every couple of years, we see a resurgence of customers asking about the benefits of organic, and one of the questions we get most often (especially from our friends!) is whether drinking organic wines can actually prevent headaches.


Why Do I Get Wine Headaches?

The answer, unfortunately, is not as cut-and-dried as it may seem. You see, there are several reasons people who drink wine may suffer the effects of a headache. If you – or anyone! – drinks too much wine in a sitting without properly hydrating with water or eating food to slow your body’s absorption of the wine, you may end up with what’s colloquially called a “hangover.” No one likes hangovers. The trick? Drink more slowly, with food, and alternate your vino with water!


If you find yourself with a pounding headache after only a glass of wine, however, there may be a different issue: you may have an allergy to an ingredient in wine. In this case the best way to avoid a wine headache? Avoid wines with allergens!


Sulfites, Amines, and Your Wine Headache
“Sulfites” have become a sort of dirty word among causal, health-conscious wine drinkers, but they are nothing to be afraid of.  Sulfites are actually a natural byproduct of fermentation and are found in all wines. Sulfites are found in dozens of foods including olives, orange juice, dried fruit, and even in bread! They help naturally preserve wine and food.  If you find yourself getting frequent wine headaches and headaches when consuming sulfite-containing foods, you may have a sulfite allergy.


What are amines? Amines are a totally naturally-occurring compound found in all fermented foods. Wine, because of its long fermentation period, usually has high amounts of amines. Amines are also found in horseradish, flour tortillas, and jarred kim-chi. All wine has amines.


So, Will Organic Wine Stop My Headaches?
In one word: maybe.  At Candoni De Zan, all of our organically-grown wines are made using 100% organically-grown grapes according to the Italian “Organic Agriculture” method  and certified by Suolo and Salute and Vegan ok. They never contain any fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. We are certified by the Italian government to produce organically-grown, vegan, and gluten-free wine, and Italy’s legal standards are known worldwide for their strictness. So, unless you have a specific allergy, Organically grown wines should be the perfect choice as they are grown in the most natural method possible!



Why Drink Organic Wine if I’m Not Allergic to Sulfites?
That’s a great question. Thankfully, there are far more reasons to drink organic wine than simply to avoid sulfites. Because organic grapes are grown without using harsh chemicals, they’re better for the environment as a whole. Indeed, many people prefer organic because they like to be sure they’re not ingesting any hazardous or man-made substances. And remember, Candoni De Zan’s organic wines are naturally gluten-free and Vegan, too!



Have a headache after that lengthy explanation? Maybe it’s time for a glass of wine! I recommend trying a few different bottles, a few different weeks of various origins – some organic, some not. If you notice a difference in how you feel after one wine or another, stick with that variation! Wine should be about taste and community, not headaches, after all.


– Barbara

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