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Women Helping Women


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate based on nationality, on race, or on size. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in all women worldwide, and Italians have a particularly high risk of developing the disease.


Here in the Candoni De Zan wine family, we take breast cancer seriously. We’re a company made up of many strong women, and we have each been touched in various ways by this preventable disease. Our mother, Elviana Candoni De Zan, has always been very upfront with my sister and I about our risks for developing this devastating form of cancer. We pay attention because our mother is strong, she is determined, and she understands that her risk of developing breast cancer increases as she grows older.


It’s Elviana’s zest for life that initially inspired one of our most popular lines of wine, the Elviana Collection. As we’ve done for over three years now, this year we’ll be making a sizeable donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every case of Elviana wine sold during the month of October. The collection includes two of our mother’s favorites: our fruity Elviana Rose and our well-rounded Elviana Red Blend.


Of course, the fact that Elviana’s signature wine (Rose) is pink doesn’t hurt, either! Cancer awareness groups have long used the color pink to symbolize the fight against breast cancer as well as the push for consciousness. This year, we invite you and the women in your life to raise a glass to awareness.


Many women don’t know their particular risk factors for developing breast cancer; this is one of the ways in which increased awareness can help. For example, women who bear children after the age of 30 or who do not bear children at all are at an increased risk. Likewise, women who experience menopause later than age 55 are also at an increased risk. If you were exposed to X-rays before puberty, you too may be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.


The first step in solving the problem of breast cancer is making women aware. Aware of their risks, aware of their symptoms, and aware of their options for detection and treatment. There’s so much we’ve yet to learn about this relentless disease, but amazing organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation are doing great work to further the cause and provide much-needed resources to women including education, free mammograms, and patient assistance.


Women Helping Women

Here at Candoni De Zan, we hope to be just a small part of the solution.
This October, help us spread the word about breast cancer and be sure to toast to one day finding a cure!


To find out where you can purchase a case of Elviana Collection wine in your area, use our Wine Locator tool right now.




Buona salute,
Candoni De Zan



Barbara Candoni De Zan

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