How to Celebrate Spring, Italian Style!

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Spring is perhaps the most magical season in all of Italy. Locals are visibly happy to be spending more time outdoors and every café in town is serving delicious meals al fresco. Flowers are in full bloom and here at our estate in Italy, we’re just starting to break out more of our favorite spring wines like Pinot Grigio and Rose.



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We love celebrating spring at every opportunity whether that means hosting an impromptu picnic with friends and family or planning a getaway to one of the Veneto’s prime strolling towns. There truly is magic in the air this time of year!


Celebrating spring “Italian Style” isn’t as hard as you might think. There are a few springtime traditions that are quintessentially Italian you can participate in even from afar. In Spring, Italians take seriously the art of passeggiata. The word means “to stroll” and although you can wander the streets any time of year, in Spring you’re more likely to meet friendly locals, see budding trees, and feel inclined to stop for a coffee at a sidewalk café. One of the most Italian ways to mark your own passeggiata is with a delicious gelato in hand!


Perhaps the easiest way to bring a little Italian springtime to your own home is to celebrate with a typical floral arrangement. Violets and roses are our symbols of spring “rebirth” and are always plentiful this time of year. Decorate your own spring table with a bouquet of pastel-hued roses or scented violets to truly call to mind the regions of Italy. 


spring contest | flower arrangement

This year, Candoni De Zan is celebrating Spring with our own May Contest!


We’re giving away a $50 gift certificate to Eco Flower, a specialty “flower” shop that makes beautiful bouquets out of sustainable materials. It’s easy to enter – simply complete the form for your chance to win a  wonderfully-springy bouquet that will last long through the season itself!


How do you like to celebrate spring? We’d love to hear more about your own springtime traditions on our Facebook page or in the comments below.



Felice primavera,
Barbara Candoni De Zan


Barbara Candoni De Zan





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