Celebrate National Moscato Day with Our Light & Fun Candoni Moscato

May 9th



Get to know the Moscato better as you celebrate National Moscato Day on May 9th with a bottle of our aromatic, semi-sparkling Candoni Moscato made with 100 percent moscato bianco grapes harvested from Pavia, Italy.


Enjoying a Candoni Moscato on National Moscato Day


Whether helped by the lyrics of Drake or the changing tastes of a culture looking for something new, moscato’s popularity is a force that should not be taken lightly. However, it should be taken coolly; when served by itself, moscato should be first chilled for half an hour in an ice bucket until it is around 43° F – 46° F.


Sweet, relatively low in alcohol content, slightly effervescent and incredibly drinkable, Candoni Moscato makes the perfect pairing for fruit, desserts, mild cheeses and salads.


The light nature of moscato can also allow it to blend well with fruit and other alcohol to create any number of potent but delicious moscato cocktails.


Candoni Moscato’s white, semi-sparkling character rich with notes of nectarine, honey and ripe peach does well when aligned with any number of dishes or imbibe-ables, or all by itself! So pop open a cork this National Moscato Day!.


Try one of these delicious Moscato cocktails below:


Moscato peach

50% Moscato Candoni

50% Peach Vodka or Red Berry Vodka

Splash of Chambord

Shaken and served in a martini glass! Garnish with an edible flower

or an orange wedge


Italian Moscatino

2 oz Moscato Candoni

1 oz Triple Sec

1 oz Blood Orange Italian Sparkling Soda

Fresh squeezed lime to taste

Shaken & served up! Cheers!


Blueberry Spring  Moscatino

3 oz Moscato Candoni

1.5 oz Blueberry Vodka


Shaken & served up! Cheers!

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