Candoni Rosè cocktail to celebrate all women!

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October is the month dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness, and every year Candoni Wines traditionally partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help promote this cause.


During this month, millions of people around the world wear a Pink Ribbon to remember the importance of prevention and demonstrate their proximity to women who are facing this disease, which represents the most frequent neoplasm for women around the world.


As we’ve been doing for several years now, we are very proud to continue our partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which is doing a great job to further the cause. This year, we’ll be making a sizeable donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every bottle of Elviana wine sold during the month of October 2018. We feel that the National Breast Cancer Awareness campaign resonates perfectly with our family and instantly connects with the values of the Elviana collection.


This time, we invite you and all the women in your life to toast with a pink rosè cocktail.





Candoni Rosè Wine
2 parts of grapefruit juice
1 part of gin




Fill a shaker with ice cubes, 2 parts of grapefruit and 1 part of gin. Shake until it has cooled and pour only the liquid in a glass. Top with Candoni Elviana Rosè and garnish with small flowers.

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