ARTS & CRAFTS | Celebrate Easter and the Earth

Celebrate Easter and Earth Day in an organically friendly way!

Now more than ever, we want to evoke awareness and appreciation for our beautiful Earth.
Be seen drinking green with Candoni organically gorwn Pinot Grigio and Merlot.

Share this message with your friends and family by preparing a gorgeous organic Easter basket!

It is very easy and you can let your imagination run wild in decorating your Easter Eggs.

 Suggested Materials:


• Egg Dyeing Kits (you can find at the store)
• Hard-Boiled Eggs
• White Vinegar
• Glass Cups Or Bowls
• Candoni Organic Pinot Grigio
• Candoni Organic Merlot
• Easter Basket (where you will put all the goodies)
• Filler materials

Enjoy making
your organic Easter basket!


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