4 Reasons to Have Your Wedding at an Italian Vineyard

Italian Vineyard Wedding


Is there anything more romantic than getting married at a vineyard? Only getting married at an Italian vineyard! Italy is truly a magical place – it’s no secret that Italians love deeply and wholeheartedly. Because our family vineyard is also a wedding venue in Italy, my family and I have had the pleasure of seeing dozens of couples say their vows under the Italian sky. It’s always a beautiful, relaxed experience and many of the couples come back to celebrate anniversaries for years to come here on the grounds.


So, why do so many of our friends and families (and plenty of romantics we don’t know!) choose to celebrate their nuptials at an Italian vineyard? We can think of four perfectly good reasons!


Nothing compares to the picturesque beauty of Italy’s wine country.
One of the best things about a vineyard wedding in Italy is that it doesn’t take much “décor” to create a gorgeous setting, particularly here in the naturally-gorgeous Veneto region. Between the lush, green vines, the cobblestone patios, and the façade of most wineries themselves, it’s hard to beat the rustic elegance of an Italian vineyard wedding. Many of our couples choose to accessorize their big day with only flowers, candles, and a few dozen bottles of amazing wine!


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Many wineries in Italy offer indoor and outdoor venue spaces.
Italy has mastered the art of indoor-outdoor living. Oftentimes couples feel torn between the vision of a blue-skied, sunshiny outdoor ceremony and reception and the fear of inclement weather. Because Italy’s vineyards are often housed in converted old structures, they’re usually large enough to accommodate both indoor and outdoor events. At the Tenuta Polvaro Estate, for example, couples utilize the small chapel, the gorgeous dining hall, and the expansive outdoor grounds in all kinds of weather conditions.



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The weather is beautiful year ‘round.
Speaking of weather, it’s important to note that many couples choose to get married in Italy precisely because our weather is so wonderful! Here in the eastern Veneto we enjoy a wonderful seasonality that allows for cool, crisp evenings in the fall, sunny days in the summer, and mild, pleasant weather in the spring. Winter in Veneto is an especially cozy time for indoor weddings, accented with romantic touches like crackling fireplaces and spicy, full wines. No matter what vision you have in mind for your Italian wedding, our weather will only enhance your experience.


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No one does food and wine like Italians.

The real reason you’re considering an Italian vineyard wedding? It’s the food and drink! Italian wine is world-renowned for its taste and its ability to pair well with food. Since we Italians tend to eat seasonally and locally, “wedding food” takes on a much more delicious meaning here in Italy! Whether fish, meat, or produce-based, the food served here pairs wonderfully with Italian wines like Pinot Noir, Prosecco, and even Rose. And when you hold your wedding at a vineyard you can rest assured the wine you serve will be expertly matched with the food you’ve chosen.


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All this talk about Italian vineyard weddings has us ready to renew our vows! Italy is an amazing place to be in love and make the ultimate commitment to your partner. Romance is alive and well here and there’s no better venue to celebrate it than at one of the country’s premier vineyards.


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Feel free to reach out to us for more information on planning your wedding at the Tenuta Polvaro Estate, or to visit for a tour and tasting!


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