Carletto Rosé

  • Harvest and Vinification Notes

    After a soft pressing, the grapes undergo a soaking for 12-15 hours to absorb the right color and extract aroma from the skins. This gives the wine the unique characterists that make this wine so delicious. Dry, light, and fruity, it is a classic, elegant wine.

  • Tasting Notes

    Bright pink with purple highlights; fruit-rich, striking bouquet with notes of cherry and strawberry; crisp, refreshing palate with full fruit and delicious acidity.

  • Finished Wine

    • •Varietal content:Raboso and Pinot Noir grapes
    • •Region: Veneto
    • •Appellation: I.G.P.
    • •Alcohol level: 12% by volume
    • •Content: 750 ml / 6 units in a case
  • Food Pairings

    Pairs well on its own or with spicy foods, salads, seafood, sh, risotto, veal, and chicken.

  • How to serve

    Served well-chilled





The Veneto region, lying at the foothills of the Alps, is dotted with charming towns and lined with picturesque vineyards.  To the northeast of this region, the vines that yield our premium Candoni Pinot Grigio,  Candoni Merlot and Candoni Organic Merlot grapes are carefully cultivated by expert hands.
This is a territory known for the production of high quality grapes.  In these flourishing vineyard we produce also  our choice Candoni Prosecco grapes.